Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Website Update!

I have been doing a lot of updating on the website the last few weeks.  Wow!  It sure is time consuming, but it is looking much better. I have added new products, changed images, changed pricing and so much more.  Thank you to my awesome hubbie who continues to help me do a lot of data entry.

As I was answering an email from one of our customers I realized she had a blog and records podcasts!  I listened to her very first one and I am hooked!! Only 48 more to go and I can't wait.   What a sweet young lady and so fun to listen to! Check out her great blog spot Katie's Quilting Corner and she is on Facebook.  I have been having so much fun reading about Katie and her darling Corgi's.  

Funny, Matthew and I are going to get a Corgi soon and we may have found a breeder...THANKS Katie!!

How do you make quilting connections?  There are so many blogs, websites, podcasts and Facebook pages it can be overwhelming!  I try to find something that catches my eye and then dive in.  

So the Fulton County Fair is right around the corner and I have to decide which quilts and projects to enter.  I am thinking this wall hanging will go and probably my coffee apron.

I haven't picked any photographs yet, but will work on it this week.

This weekend is the Checker Open House and I get to attend a special workshop from FabShopNetwork and sew with Karen Montgomery!!  I also get to hear Alex Anderson speak.  Yeah I am a little excited!!!  This is always a great weekend!!  I'll keep you posted when I get back!! Until then ~Bear Hugs~


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